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Navigating the Members Area

Playster is designed to make entertainment effortless – and as such, the members area is made to be easy to navigate.

Let's take a quick look at it together.

You Pull the Strings

With Playster, you decide what you're reading, playing, watching, or listening to. Titles are sorted by media types in the member's area. Each media then offers different categories such as New ReleasesTop Charts, Best SellersTop Picks, and Discover.

Music and movie titles can also be browsed by Genres & Moods.

Can't Find it? Just Type It

The quickest way to find your favorite songs, books, or movies, is by typing the title, author, or keywords associated with the title in the Search field.

Enjoying it? Then Save it!

While enjoying a title, you can click on the ... button to save or add it to a playlist. Saved titles will appear in the Your [Media] section. You can also share a title with friends on social media.

Create the Ultimate Playlist

The Your [Media] icons are where you can find the media you've saved. It's also where you can create your own playlists for songs or collections for movies.




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