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How Do I Play Games on Playster?

In order to play games in Playster, you must first install the Game Player on your desktop computer. This is a separate software that you must download.

Here's how to get it:

1) Find a game you'd like to play in the Playster member's area, and click Play. A message will appear, warning you that another application will launch. Click Launch Application.

This will launch the game player's installation process. Simply follow the installation instructions.

2) Once the player is installed, it will open automatically. Enter your Playster username and password to log in to the game player.

3) The game you've asked to play will then download onto the player. All downloaded games will appear in the Collection section. 

Click Browse Games to add a new a game to your collection. 

Note: Downloading games consumes a lot of bandwidth. Playster is not responsible for excessive download charges. Please verify with your internet service provider if you have the available bandwidth to download games.

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