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How Does the Music Player Work?

Playster's built-in music player comes with everything you need to enjoy your favorite tunes.

The following will guide you through the different features found in the music player.

Progress Bar

The progress bar allows you to see how much time has passed in a given song. You can also drag the progress bar to fast forward or rewind the song you're listening to.

Play / Pause

The Play / Pause button allows you to start playing a given song, or pause it during playback.


The Skip buttons allow you to skip to the next song, or to the previous one within its album or playlist.



Activating the Repeat function will cause the current song to start over once playback is over.


When Shuffle is activated, songs will play randomly within a given album or playlist.

Options Menu

The ... button opens up the options menu for songs. Here, you can Save the song you're listening to, Add it to your playlist, or Share it with friends. Clicking the Start Radio button will launch a series of songs from the same genre.

Volume Control


The Volume Control button allows you to adjust the volume of the song you're listening to, or mute it all together.

Album / Playlist

The Album / Playlist button opens up the album or playlist associated with the song you're listening to.

Exit Player

Pressing the X button instantly stops the song you're listening to and closes the music player.

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