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Audiobook Plans and Availability

Since launching Playster in 2014, we have been on a mission to make entertainment more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone. A major part of achieving this goal has been offering our fellow audiobook lovers unlimited access to 100,000+ titles for one low monthly fee. And that's something we remain fully committed to.

By working with the world’s biggest publishers, we’ve been able to stock our virtual library with all of today’s biggest and best titles and offer listeners unprecedented access to them all for one low monthly price. Something we hope to continue doing for years to come, but in order to remain unlimited, we’re making some slight changes to our membership plans.

Every time an audiobook is played, Playster pays a fee to the publisher who, in turn, is able to pay the author, narrator and everyone involved. A growing number of happy customers has resulted in growing costs, which in turn forced us back to the drawing board to figure out how we can maintain unlimited audiobooks, rather than introducing a credit system, like the one offered by other platforms. We know, we know — no one likes change, but please bear with us, as we walk you through two new subscription plans that we hope will keep everyone happy.

The following membership plans will be available as of December 22, 2017:

Unlimited Audiobooks - Standard

We know how important price is, which is why we will NOT be eliminating the $14.95 membership. Our new Standard plan will be made available at the price you’ve come to love and will give you unlimited access to 100,000+ titles from world-class authors, like James Patterson, Ann Patchett, John Grisham, Christopher Moore, Danielle Steel, Jonathan Kellerman and many more. Some of our features, including adjustable playback speed, a sleep timer, bookmarking and more, have been improved to ensure your listening experience continues to be an enjoyable one.  

Unlimited Audiobooks - Premium

We’re continuously growing our collection of audiobooks and for avid listeners looking to enjoy unlimited access to all of the newest, biggest titles on the day they’re released, there's the new Premium plan. Members will have unlimited access to our Select titles, plus all of the top trending releases, from the latest Stephen King to the hottest George R.R. Martin and beyond. All for just $29.95 per month, making it the best audiobook deal on the market. 

Playster Unlimited - Basic & Premium

Members who want the full Playster experience (audiobooks, ebooks, music, movies and more) can choose between two multimedia plans: Playster Unlimited Standard ($34.95) and Playster Unlimited Premium ($46.95). The latter includes Premium audiobooks. 

How does this affect the audiobook library?

All members are able to browse both Basic and Premium audiobooks, the latter of which are marked with a gold star. However, as we roll out this new business model, some users may find that their audiobook selection is affected based on their location, the nature of their use of the platform or the content costs Playster incurs (some users with unusually large volumes of consumption may not see all titles at all times).

You can find more information pertaining to this in our Terms & Conditions, under Availability of Content (


If you have any questions or concerns about Playster or its new unlimited audiobook plans, please do not hesitate to contact us, or take a look at our FAQs section for more commonly asked questions.  

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