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Why don't I get full audiobooks in Playster's 30-Day Trial?

Playster’s mission has always been to make entertainment more affordable and accessible for everyone, and we’re extremely proud to be the only service out there providing unlimited audiobooks.  In our commitment to saving you money since we launched in 2014, we’ve stood up defiantly on your behalf to high fees from publishers and distributors.  Believe it or not, each time you try a new book they bill us for it – even if you don’t finish the book!   

In order to provide a much-needed unlimited service for the community of avid readers, we need to be protected against misuse and fraud.  By giving our 30-Day Trial users the opportunity to listen to each audiobook up to the point at which it is marked as a sale by the content providers, we're demonstrating the benefits of Playster's listening experience without exposing ourselves to high costs.

If you like what you're listening to and want to finish the book, all you have to do is make your first monthly payment and you'll unlock full access to Playster's entire collection of audiobooks.

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